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This is the must-attend event for retail executives charged with driving innovation. 

NRFtech 2017 is a 2.5-day event that offers retail CIOs, CMOs and senior IT executives a unique opportunity to discover and explore the latest retail technology while networking with peers in the industry. Our goal is to extend the conversion to all organizational areas responsible for technologies that impact consumers.

The NRFtech 2017 agenda includes insightful keynote speakers, roundtable discussions, collegial networking and a Tour of the Possible focused on emerging retail disrupters - your opportunity to hear pitches or see demonstrations from hot tech startups. You'll also have time to meet the startup innovators in person over lunch. Attend NRFtech 2017, and you’re sure to come away with actionable initiatives that drive your retail business.

4 Reasons to Attend NRFtech2017

  1. Connects you with retail technology leaders
    As consumer needs increasingly drive retailers’ technology agendas, the roles of retail CIOs, CMOs, chief digital officers and other tech leaders are evolving, making collaboration across management teams even more critical to success.

    NRFtech 2017 brings retail technology leaders together to share ideas, collaborate with each other and help shape the evolving business models needed for this new consumer paradigm.
  2. Designed for technology and innovation leaders from across the retail organization
    Executives across the retail organization are responsible for innovating the customer experience at every touch-point. That’s why NRFtech will bring together CIOs, CMOs, chief digital officers, heads of e-commerce and mobile, and even CEOs to add depth to the event’s programming and networking.
  3. Focused on gaining a competitive edge
    NRFtech will expose you to new technologies and possibilities that can be used to improve the customer experience and create a competitive advantage, regardless of where in the enterprise those ideas originate – from supply chain to the store to mobile.
  4. Intimate, collaborative and pitch-free
    You’ll find high-energy keynotes, collaborative roundtables and lively discussions—but no sales pitches. We limit NRFtech attendance to 200 senior retail executives and keep sponsors to a minimum to create the right atmosphere for having purposeful conversations, sharing insights and raising important questions.

Whether you’re a CIO challenged with making disparate systems work as one, a CMO who spends all day discussing technology, or a vice president of mobile committed to creating a seamless anytime, anywhere experience, NRFtech will leave you with fresh ideas to tackle the tech challenges of modern retailing and gain a competitive advantage.