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Tour of the Possible

Tour of the Possible: Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Tuesday 8:30
Crown Room
Back for its third year, the highly rated Tour of the Possible will take you to the edge. Digital disruption -- the new norm -- continues to upset traditional retail. Savvy merchants are engaging customers with more meaningful and personalized experiences, yet navigating the solution ecosystem to find the right technology partner can be confusing -- if not intimidating. This three-part experience dives into culture from top retail executives, offers insights from innovative tech startups and takes a look forward at what’s next for the retail industry.

Tour of the Possible: Top Ten Innovative Startups

Tuesday 9:15
Crown Room
Working with and top private equity and venture firms, next up on the tour is a showcase of 10 cutting edge startups delivering retail business solutions based on emerging technologies in areas such as predictive/prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality, IoT as a platform and machine learning robotics (i.e. thinking machines). Join to hear where retail on the edge is headed and how best to ingrain an innovation mindset into your organization.

Tour of the Possible: Retail 2030

Tuesday 11:00
Crown Room
If you think the past decade has been a bit overwhelming, wait until you see what the next decade promises. As retail continues to move to delivering personal and predictive experiences, learn from a trend expert about emerging consumer behaviors and where we need to focus our strategic antenna for the next wave of digital disruption.