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Keynote Session

Soul-Centered Leadership: Learning to Inspire Through Positivity

Sunday 5:00
Crown Room

When people lead with the power, guidance and courage of their soul, amazing things happen. Noted business author and executive leadership trainer Michael Anderson will share his insights and experiences in building leadership skills that inspire yourself and those around you. Becoming “soul-centered” provides inner confidence for making decisions and leading from a place of love rather than fear. Michael encourages letting go of ego-based patterns, instead being guided by the goodness within.

Setting the Table for Innovation: A Moderated Fireside Chat With Target and PGA Tour Superstores

Monday 11:00
Crown Room

The only prediction of the future we can all foresee is that rapid technology advancement will continue to disrupt the industry. It has become imminently clear that IT, marketing and digital leaders must understand the emerging technology landscape, its conditioning impact on consumer behavior, and a way forward to manage through myriad options to those that are core to their business. In this discussion, hear how Target and PGA Tour Superstores are continuously reinventing themselves to stay relevant in the everchanging world of the shopper.

C-Suite Unplugged: Avoiding Inaction While Navigating the Hype

Monday 1:00
Crown Room

Despite its promises to improve the customer experience and create operational efficiencies, technology often distracts and paralyzes retailers with “bright and shiny object” scenarios promising silver-bullet solutions. By unplugging from this noise, retailers can escape the hype created by emerging technologies and avoid the pitfalls of inaction in an exponentially disruptive digital era.