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C-Suite Unplugged: Avoiding Inaction While Navigating the Hype

Monday 1:00
Crown Room
SVP, eCommerce and CRM
The Talbots, Inc.
Tractor Supply Company
Founder & Chairman

Despite its promises to improve the customer experience and create operational efficiencies, technology often distracts and paralyzes retailers with “bright and shiny object” scenarios promising silver-bullet solutions. By unplugging from this noise, retailers can escape the hype created by emerging technologies and avoid the pitfalls of inaction in an exponentially disruptive digital era. Driving innovation into organizational culture is no longer buzzword-worthy phrasing in a company’s annual report; it’s table stakes if a retailer expects to thrive in the environment of the always-on, always-connected consumer.  
Join us for NRFtech’s new C-Suite Unplugged program, where you’ll hear from top consumer-facing leaders in an intimate and interactive setting. Executives from the corner office will share their insights and experiences on how to get enthusiastic about innovation throughout the organization, determining the strategic value of technology and, perhaps most importantly, working as teams to effectively implement a differentiated consumer experience.