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Innovation by Design: Being the Disruptor vs. the Disrupted

Monday 8:45
Crown Room
Entrepreneur, Technology and Digital Media Expert
Professor and Author

As retail executives, how do you ensure the proper innovation is in place to drive a memorable and seamless customer experience? What technologies are emerging -- or merging? How do you keep your retail organization on the cutting edge without being too far ahead of the market and incurring unnecessary costs?

Best-selling author Erik Qualman explores which innovation trends are cutting-edge -- and which are bleeding-edge -- to make sure your organization is not only on the correct path, but ahead of the curve. Most importantly, he looks at ways to infuse more disruption and innovation into your retail business.

Qualman has performed in more than 47 countries, entertaining and empowering millions of audience members to leap over incremental change and dive into disruptive innovation. Learn the benefits of becoming “flawsome”; why innovation is simple, but not easy; and how to employ the five habits of innovative leaders.