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Tour of the Possible: Predicting the Turn - How the Future of Retail Signals Its Fast Approach

Tuesday 11:00
Crown Room
Managing Director
WPP Ventures

Many futurists predict when and where disruption will happen, but not how to prepare for it. Brand marketer, venture investor and startup advisor Dave Knox provides a one-of-a-kind worldview into the dynamic relationship between disruptive startups poised for growth and established brands besieged by the retail industry’s near-constant transformation. In the event’s closing keynote, Knox will teach retailers how to foresee the future of their industry and proactively respond to new competitive challenges. In a business environment constantly disrupted by innovation and changing consumer habits, Knox believes it’s important to understand that today’s competition is not the future competition, innovation-driven acquisition can be great R&D and incumbents have the infrastructure to disrupt the disruptors.