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Ethan Schur

Ethan Schur is an inventor and futurologist, with a passion for advancing human progress through novel usages of IoT, Wearable, and AR/VR technologies.

Ethan, along with team Grush, the Gaming Toothbrush, holds the title of “America’s Greatest Maker” and is the winner of the Million Dollar Prize on the viral reality television competition, America’s Greatest Makers.

Ethan is the winner of the illustrious Lumiere Award for 3D Virtual Reality Technology, the TV innovation Award, and the US-China Startup Competition.

Ethan and Team Grush make the Gaming Toothbrush for kids. Grush transforms the brushing chore into fun and interactive games using a motion sensing IoT toothbrush that connects via Bluetooth to a mobile device that runs fun and interactive brushing games, and uploads detailed brushing information to the cloud for tracking and analysis by parents and dentists.

Ethan is prepared to speak about the future of VR/AR, IoT, Wearables, and cloud.

An engaging speaker, panelist, and moderator, Ethan Schur has appeared on Forbes, CNN, TBS, and others.

A graduate of the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Hardware Startup Accelerator, Ethan Schur is the co-author of several patents and papers, and is an accredited journalist with the International Federation of Journalists.

Speaking in:

Tour of the Possible: Top Innovative Startups Tuesday Jul 25 9:15 - 11:00 AM Crown Room