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Autonomous checkout: Understanding and preparing for major industry disruption

Tuesday, May 21
Nikko Ballroom, 3rd floor
Autonomous checkout: Understanding and preparing for major industry disruption

Bloomberg reports Walmart is adding more than 10,000 new customers a day to Walmart Pay and soon will have more active users in the US than Apple Pay. Amazon has invested more than $1 billion over five years to develop Amazon Go, one of the world's most technologically advanced physical store concepts poised to create seismic disruption for the retail industry. For the first time, the major players behind this disruptive force will be gathered to collectively share their real-life successes at building frictionless, "invisible commerce". Learn how check-in is the new checkout by supporting preemptive distribution strategies that empower retailers to control their branded customer experience through mobile payments and autonomous checkout; how to create best-in-class omnichannel experiences bridging ecommerce and in-store; how autonomous checkout impacts merchandising mix and store layout; and the business case for using data-driven predictive analytics and AI with CRM-based, in-context promotions and offers to immediate ROI.

Optional:  Walking Tour to Mystery Shop Autonomous Checkout 

Put on your running shoes!  For those that want to complete their due diligence checklist of autonomous checkout, the principals of Crone Consulting, LLC will independently shepherd an interpretive walking tour to mystery shop the live, open to the public Amazon Go location and other autonomous checkout concept stores in San Francisco after the conclusion of NRFtech conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Contact Crone Consulting principal, Richard Crone, for more information.

Richard K. Crone
Crone Consulting LLC
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Chief Operating Officer
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SVP, Walmart Services and Digital Acceleration, Walmart U.S.
Walmart Inc.
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CEO and Co-Founder
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CEO and Founder
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