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Payments palooza: Strategies to get the most from the new payments ecosystem

Monday, May 20
Nikko Ballroom, 3rd floor
Payments palooza: Strategies to get the most from the new payments ecosystem
The traditional siloed boundaries that once defined the payments landscape have been removed, providing a solid foundation for exciting new possibilities. This panel of payments rock stars will share actionable insights on game-changing ways to take control of friction-eliminating payment strategies, such as contactless, in-app biometrics and invisible checkout, while leveraging data to create unique value-added customer experiences that turbocharge sales. Panelists from payments leaders Google, Uber and Ant Financial (formerly AliPay) will explore major developments in the current and near-future payments ecosystem. Learn what CIOs and senior technology leaders need to understand to respond to recent changes in support of omni-channel integration for mobile payments with order ahead, curbside pickup, Scan & Go and Amazon Go-type invisible (or smart) checkout. Hear about the competitive dynamics between legacy players in payments (e.g. card companies) and newer entrants (e.g. Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Venmo), how they affect retailers and what they must do to respond to challenges to their own CX data.
Heidi Liebenguth
Crone Consulting LLC
Dora Liang Chai
Business Development, North America
Ant Financial Services Group (formerly Alipay)
Peter Hazlehurst
Global Head of Payments, Product Management
Uber Technologies Inc.
Frank Liddy
Head of Customer Success & Strategic Programs
Uzma Makhdumi
Head of Partnerships, Consumer Payments & Commerce