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Street smart: Delivering tech that ignites physical retail

Monday, May 20
Nikko Ballroom, 3rd floor
Street smart: Delivering tech that ignites physical retail
We all got the memo: if brick-and-mortar stores want to stay open and competitive with the rising generations of digital natives, they must evolve with tech savvy experiences and revolutionize the way they reach customers. However, implementing technology for technology’s sake is not the answer, despite the bright-shiny-object appeal of a technological makeover. We are at an inflection point where advanced technology like AR/VR and fully automated stores have been proven scalable. And companies are deciding now whether or not to place real bets on these investments. This theme explores what retailers need to know as they consider adopting such technologies, what alternatives are in play, and how new instore technology can deliver more immersive and efficient experiences for customers and employees.
Healey Cypher
Phillip Raub
Co-founder and President
b8ta Inc.