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The third era of commerce: How voice is leading the way

Monday, May 20
Nikko Ballroom, 3rd floor
The third era of commerce: How voice is leading the way
Since the emergence of digital capabilities, commerce has dramatically transformed and proliferated, starting with ecommerce more than two decades ago; and with the rise of mobile adoption in the past decade m-commerce has become commonplace. Today, we are in the nascent stages of commerce’s third era – voice commerce – a powerful new medium that will transform consumers’ day-to-day lives and how they purchase. Central to the emergence of conversational commerce is building connected experiences for customers to interact and transact where, when and how they want – at their choice and convenience. Don't be late to this conversation, and hear from Amazon's VP of Amazon Pay, Patrick Gauthier, on how voice will redefine the ideal customer experience before, during and after purchase. In the third era of commerce, the biggest advantage will go to early adopters.
Patrick Gauthier
Vice President
Amazon Pay