Argentina Moise


CEO & Founder
Argentina Moise is the CEO & Founder of Bleexy, the innovative decentralized e-commerce ecosystem, and the driving force behind the Bleexy Blockchain Commerce Alliance, a partner-led community offering retailers proof-of-concept solutions to applying blockchain technology.

Prior to founding Bleexy she co-founded Rover Store, Inc. an e-commerce company that grew to $9M in annual sales and became a top 1000 Amazon US and Canada retailer. She also founded Insight Software, the first and most successful company selected to be part of Incubator America, an USAID and George Mason University program.

She received a M.S. in Mathematics and Information Technology from West University, Timisoara. Ms. Moise is a serial entrepreneur and believes that disruptive technologies will empower consumers to support small businesses and local economies across the globe.

Speaking in:

Tuesday Jul 17
9:15 - 9:45 AM
Ritz-Carlton Ballroom, Salon I-II, Level 1
Retailers increasingly recognize blockchain's transformative ability to streamline operations, ensure product authenticity and enable tighter supply chain collaboration. With blockchain's distributed ledger and shared infrastructure, learn... Read more