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Dr. Michael Haydock

Dr. Michael Haydock
Dr. Michael

IBM Fellow; VP and Chief Scientist
IBM Corporation
Dr. Haydock serves as an IBM Fellow and Chief Scientist and leads the Quantum Consulting Practice Worldwide. He has worked with industrial clients in retail direct mail, retail store, agricultural chemicals, financial services, insurance, health care, telecommunications, aerospace, consumer products, and transportation. He holds a U.S. Patent in “Efficient Customer Contact Strategies” and has published work in several journals that detail the application of mathematical methods in efficient customer treatments and improvements to optimize supply chains in the service of those customers. These treatment strategies use marketing automation and portfolio management techniques to synchronize business responses across multiple retail contact channels or customer “touch-points” and numerical optimization techniques to insure the proper resource allocation is met at minimum investment risk. Recent work has also included innovations in the area of pricing optimization, multi-dimensional clustering, and machine learning & cognitive computing. A highly regarded paper initially introducing the specialized area of longitudinal marketing strategy appears in the book “Industrial Applications in Operations Research” (MacMillan & Press). Research efforts applying novel multi-dimensional clustering methods, machine learning (using massive amounts of external data), and optimization strategies are currently being conducted at several retailers.

Dr. Haydock was awarded a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University, with a specialization in Marketing Management and has earned a Ph.D. in Applied Management & Decision Sciences with a specialization in Operations Research at Walden University in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Haydock has previously served clients as an executive at IBM, Cray Research, Control Data and as an entrepreneur serving on the Board of Directors of several analytic companies he founded.

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Tuesday May 21
11:30 - 12:00 PM
Nikko Ballroom, 3rd floor
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