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Will Glaser


CEO and Founder
Founder of Pandora Radio. Board Member of Blue Shield of California. Triple major in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics, Cornell.

Will Glaser is a prominent, Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He earned one of the few triple majors ever conferred by Cornell University; in computer science, mathematics and physics. He's filed dozens of patents and received numerous honors, including being placed on the list of "The 100 Most Influential People in High-Technology" by Microtimes Magazine at the age of 25 for work done at his first startup (Hydra Systems). Mr. Glaser went on to co-found Pandora Radio. At Pandora he invented the core technology, launched the business, and built the team and operations as CTO & COO over the company's first 5 years. Pandora was the first company to deploy machine learning and personalization at a very large scale. He is presently the founder and CEO of Grabango. Grabango is using advanced computer-vision and machine-learning technologies to eliminate lines at grocery stores. Grabango will shortly become the first company to deploy this latest technology at a very large scale.

Speaking in:

Tuesday May 21
10:45 - 11:30 AM
Nikko Ballroom, 3rd floor

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