Machine Learning and AI Trends that Will Dominate Retail

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in retail is being applied in new ways across the entire product and service cycle - from assembly to post-sale customer service interactions. Understand how we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg, where sales and CRM applications, customer recommendations, manufacturing, logistics and delivery and payments and payment services will drive adoption and spur further innovation.

Bringing Blockchain to Retail

Retailers increasingly recognize blockchain's transformative ability to streamline operations, ensure product authenticity and enable tighter supply chain collaboration. With blockchain's distributed ledger and shared infrastructure, learn how its business fit is seemingly endless, spanning supply chain management, accounting and audit, related account management processes, and beyond.

The Technology Agenda: What CEOs Expect from Their Digital and Tech Leaders

C-Suites who see technology as a potential accelerator of the business, specifically around the customer experience, will look to technology leaders who are business savvy and able to see how they can use technology to drive revenue growth. Hear from retail CEOs about what's on their technology agenda that will drive business growth.

How Robots Fit into Your Technology Strategy

The global market for robots is spiking at break-neck speeds. With falling prices, faster CPUs, and simplified programming, virtually every business sector is within arm's reach of robotics. Gaining robotics advantage involves finding innovative, unexpected ways to differentiate a company from the competition and gain a sustainable edge.

The Future of Commerce and Payments

Pioneers are forging new frontiers in facilitating retail transactions. Learn what the next generation of payments has in store, from contactless to cryptocurrency to peer-to-peer and more. New, altering payment methods are impacting both the retailer and customer.

Making Inroads to Conversational Commerce

The integration of messaging apps and digital shopping empowers retailers to use applications such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, or even voice technology like the Amazon Echo in ways that create a simpler environment for customers to shop. Hail a ride, order pizza, buy new shoes, or make a money transfer: what can conversational commerce do for your business?

Best of Convergence in Digital and Physical Retail

Retail's not dead; it's converging into new tech-laden experience centers, where consumers do more than simply "transact". Through best examples, learn the vital importance for retailers to embrace and incorporate technology into their physical stores to enhance the consumer experience and stay current with modern customer expectations.

On-demand Retail: Putting the Gig Economy to Work

Can a distributed labor force, like those that fuel the fortunes of Uber and Airbnb, benefit retailers in serving customers better? New partnerships between gig-economy companies and retailers tell a story of mutual benefit.

Mobile Commerce Has Turned the Corner; Have You?

In tipping-point fashion, recent data shows mobile purchasing surpassed computers for the first time on Thanksgiving Day, accounting for 46 percent of orders to the computer's 45 percent. Time is now to fine-tune the small screen buying experience or be left behind.

Start-up Nation: Paving the Path to Innovation in Retail

Hear next-generation ideas from start-ups poised to solve retail's most pressing issues. Often, the biggest innovations or ideas begin at the smallest companies.

How Leadership and Culture Can Help Solve the Tech Talent Gap

According to recent data, nine out of 10 recruiters found it challenging to find and hire workers with the right tech skills. And, fifty-two percent of engineers would actually take less money to work in a great culture or for a well-reputed brand. Hear actionable insights from top leaders in corporate culture at companies that are both geographically and globally diverse.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Is Coming to the US: Are You Ready?

May 2018 marks the deadline when fines as much as four percent of total revenue can be levied on US businesses not in compliance with GDPR, a privacy-minded regulation established in the EU years back. Are you aware if your company is a Processor or a Controller? Are you up to speed on what needs to change in your data collection? Hear answers from expert practitioners.